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"Trauma creates change you don't choose.

Healing is about creating change you do choose."

Michelle Rosenthal

Welcome to The Emotion Evolution  

where our mission is to make real change happen!

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Have you ever felt stuck in the same old patterns, despite your best efforts to break free?  Trust me, I’ve been there too.  Exploring human behavior has always fascinated me, especially when it comes to making lasting changes in life and understanding why we often find ourselves grappling with invisible forces that hold us back from our true potential.


"Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step."

Mariska Hargitay

Here’s the deal: just talking about what we want isn’t enough to make it happen. Trust me, I’ve tried!  Sometimes, while our brains are shouting ‘let’s do this!’, there’s an inner voice screaming ‘no way!’   Until we investigate what’s holding us back it can be like hitting a brick wall over and over again.

That’s where The Emotion Evolution can help.  We understand that genuine, lasting change goes deeper than surface level fixes.  True transformation begins by addressing the root cause of our struggles.  Traditional talk therapy has a place, yet often falls short of getting to the core of our reactive patterns.  It’s only by unravelling the deep seated thoughts, beliefs and experiences shaping our actions that genuine change becomes possible.


Unlike conventional therapies fixated on symptom management, our approach fosters lasting change by guiding clients to explore the origins of their challenges.  This journey of self discovery unlocks the gateway to lasting change.  As clients gain deeper insights into themselves, they have the tools to navigate their emotions, reclaiming control over their lives. This pivotal shift not only enhances mental and emotional well being but also catalyzes tangible improvements in physical health and vitality.

If traditional talk therapy has left you wanting more, it's time to embrace the transformative power of The Emotion Evolution. Unlock the door to your true potential and embark on a journey of holistic healing and empowerment. 

Your journey to a fulfilled, empowered life starts here.

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